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Re: [BKARTS] Archival research site for inkjet printers


The above site also discusses the issues. He seems to use much more
realistic scenarios for testing i.e. exposure to natural light, not just
pure fluorescent lighting. He also doesn't put the coatings under glass or
lamination. Of course, because of the "accelerated" nature of the testing
gas-fading doesn't come into the picture as much (with any of these tests).

At Friday 3/7/2003 09:19 AM, you wrote:
To those who use inkjet printers and especially to those who will be
buying inkjet printers, here is a site  worth knowing about:
http://www.wilhelm-research.com    The research information  comes from
a photography point of view, but I would guess is applicable to
whatever is being printed.   The site  has great links to articles
comparing the myriad of printers available.     Enjoy.

Beverly Burbank
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