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[BKARTS] Old Linen Blueline Survey Plats by Walt Disney

Hi Everyone--

This may be a stretch, but I'll put it out there.
I know of some linen survey plats that were done by Walt Disney around
1919-20. I am told that he worked for a surveyor, but was soon let go for
doodling too much. These blueline plats are also unusual in that Mr. Disney
drew little cartoon-y hands instead of a North arrow, and he would render a
cartoon character (not Mickey) to indicate a "Point of Beginning."

The problem with these linen bluelines is that they were (intentionally)
covered on the back side with some gummy, sticky substance. What might this
substance be? (Unfortunately, the surveryor who hired and fired Mr. Disney
died 3 years ago, so we can't ask him.) And is there any way to remove it
without causing damage? Can anyone recommend the best way to preserve them?

I am neither a surveyor, researcher nor scholar, so any help will be

Thanks in advance.


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