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Re: [BKARTS] Old Linen Blueline Survey Plats by Walt Disney

I would highly recommend contacting an architecture school as they would most
likely have the knowledge and their librarians in particular the expertise on
this subject.  Particularly an archive in a large city would also be handy.

This reminds me of several years ago when an artist from the Hudson River
School came to my University and painted on a piece of glass and for some
strange reason the administrators would not let us keep the painting, they
wanted the window to be clear, so I devised a scheme of saving the painting
by  by spraying it with a clear plastic and then pulling it off the glass.
What we ended up with was very strange as it was the painting made and seen
in reverse.  A friend of mine, the professor still has it.
You might want to find out from the curator if there is any way to stabilize
the resin on the back.

Or you could ask someone down at the Smithsonian or the National Archives.

James G. Pepper
Biblical Scribe

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