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Re: [BKARTS] Slipcase and Chemise

    I have just spent the better part of a day mending a valuable pamphlet
badly damaged because the elegant chemise and slipcase it was in both had
an open head and tail, so the top of the pamphlet was badly damaged--ragged
and torn--from the friction of being put in and out of the slipcase.
    It is my habit to make a light enclosure protecting all six exposed
sides of a book before I box it to prevent friction wear, and damage, while
being put into and pulled out of a box.  Especially if the spine is
fragile, great damage can be sustained from fingers hoisting the book out
of, or sliding it into, its box.  Of course, some idiot will open the
wrapper to get at the book without taking the wrapped book out of the box
first, but there is only so much one can do in life to cope with other life
  Dorothy A.

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