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[BKARTS] Old Linen Blueline Survey Plats by Walt Disney

Dear Christine,
       As an old draftsman and new bookseller let me suggest some things.  You
said they were "linen bluelines" this would suggest that they were not the
original drawings, which would have been done in either in pencil or ink,
but some type of photoreproduction.  To identify the type of print I would
recommend "Architectural Photoreproductions: A manual for Identification
and Care" by Eleonore Kissel & Erin Vigneau ISBN 1-884718-62-0, Oak Knoll
Press.  This book will also help with conservation measures and storage
       On to the question of the "gummy, sticky substance".  In my many years as
draftsman and drafting instructor I have often seen prints mounted for
display.  Unfortunately, I am aware of no standard material that was
used.  I personally have used or know of people using white glue, gum
arabic, wallpaper paste, rubber cement, wet varnish, glue in spray cans,
hot melt glue, and glue sticks.  Typically these were for temporary use and
because they were copies of originals not a great deal of care was taken
nor thought given to permanent damage.  We would use whatever is available
that will do the job.  Original drawings however, which represent many
hours of work, are treated by draftsmen with respect that approaches reverence.
       I am afraid there are no easy answers for this one as far as removal of
the substance, you need to approach it the same as any unknown foreign
material on paper/cloth because it could be almost anything.  Talk to a
paper conservator.

John Laird
Director of Library Sales

Oak Knoll Press
310 Delaware Street
New Castle, DE 19720 USA
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Fax: 302-328-7274
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