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[BKARTS] Theatrica Erratica

Hi all...

I am just finishing up my latest endeavor and it is such a relief when
a project is FINISHED!
There is a yahoo group called Art Erratica. These are artists that
produce things that aren't exactly mainstream and a little bit bizarre
at times. When I joined it, there was an ongoing discussion about
starting some kind of publication. I decided to plunge right in. Along
with Melissa McCobb Hubbell of Connecticut, and Amy Peacock of
Washington State, the 3 of us formed what is known as AEZ (art erratica
zine). We create the zine entirely by email conversations( ok--well
maybe an urgent phone call now and then!), and we send art via the net
and ftp sites. The first four issues came out last year. They were
similar in structure and each one had a theme. The covers were of a
heavy colored stock printed with black  and the guts were black and
white. It ran approx. 60 pages each time and it also included an
interactive CD which I produced. On the CD were animated galleries of
the art that was in the zine and also additional work. The CD allowed
us to present the artwork in color. We had some homegrown music one
time, a few home-spun movies, a lot of flash work, and even a guest
flash presentation from Barry Smylie. (www.barrysmylie.com). All in all
it was a great year. I was craving to change the format and talked the
other 2 co-producers into doing some different and more creative things.
We are happy to announce Issue #5, Theatrica Erratica which is a
tribute to theater. This time the zine is 48 pages in full color. Their
is also a hand made folder that encloses the zine and CD. In the center
is a popup that one can remove from the zine and construct. It is a
little paper theater and is also 2-sided, so one could choose which
version they wanted to make. It is similar in design to my book
"Dreamiverse" (http://www.magikglasses.com) but instead of being a
showcase of my work, it includes art of several artists, including
Alain Valet of Belgium.
Information about purchasing an issue of this zine and the original 4
can be found on Amy Peacock's website at this link.
I can also direct you if necessary.

Peace and Art!
Julie Sadler

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