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[BKARTS] Festival of the Book Arts (IFBA) - Penzance, UK

13 March 2003


We want to thank you for showing interest in the first festival of the book
arts to be held in Penzance. We hope in 2004 to set the standard for an
annual festival making the seaside town a vibrant international meeting
place for craftspeople, other artists and academics.

Please take some time over the next two weeks to fill out the attached
form. Our email software will show you only your name but we assure you at
this stage this is going out to some fifty individuals across the world.
Their names we will be pleased to share in the near future with all those
who eventually participate.

With this additional information we hope to have definitive plans and
allocated spaces by the end of July,

with kind regards


IFBA Form for participants  (individuals, organisations and  touring
Application form for IFBA
Saturday, 12th May - Sunday 20th May 2004.

This form is readable in word-pad or any word-processor package and may be
filled out and emailed back to us as an attachment for the attention of
Daniel H Nanavati:
E-mail:  nanavati@xxxxxxxxxxxx

If you prefer to print and mail this form please print clearly, and send to:

IFBA Events
Rosehill Cottage,
North Cornwall
PL15 7RL

This application form gives us information about you, what you wish to do
and your charges. The form also gives us important information that we must
include in reports to inform the planning and extension of IFBA in future

If any question does not apply to you, write 'Not applicable' or 'N/A'.

Section A - about you
1. Your name (if you are applying as an individual) or the name of your

2. Full address (where it is easiest to contact you)

E-mail address*
Web-site address*
Fax number*
*Please check all above numbers for accuracy as we require them to process
your application, and get back to you quickly. Please be sure to include
the area code for your telephone number.

 3. If you are applying on behalf of an organisation, give the following
details for the main contact person.
Name of the main contact person
E-mail address
Fax number

 4. Please describe any particular communication needs that you or your
main contact person have (for example, preference for communication by
text-phone, materials in large print and so on).

5. Please indicate your status.
Unincorporated group
If 'Other', please describe your status (in no more than 10 words).

7. Please say what you wish to do (if you are applying as an individual),
or what your organisation wishes to do at the festival. Please tell us the
target age groups or audiences (i.e craft hobbyist, novice, children,
academic... Any and all is acceptable! )
NB: Health and Safety - All proposed activities will be reviewed by the
event's health and safety advisors, Safety UK.  If, in their opinion, the
activity is encompassed by UK legislation then a request for further
information will be sent.  To discuss any concerns or issues please contact
Safety UK on (44) 1736 361007.

Section B is for individuals only.
Organisations should now go to section C.
Section D is for everyone.

Section B - individuals

 8. Do you have special needs (disabled etc)?
(delete one)
Yes   No

If yes please let us know what these are so we may make your stay as
pleasant and productive as possible.

Section C - the activity you are applying to do (for everyone)

9.  Name of the activity
(Please give the name or working title.)

10. Space requirements

11. Publicity material - you will be asked to supply text for inclusion in
any programme materials and a photograph of those leading the event. Is
this a problem?

Section D - Charges

12. Please give the global costs for your involvement in the Festival, and
the charge you would need to make to us if invited to take part.
(Costs allocated from bursaries and sponsorship enable us to set them as
partnership funding against the funding bodies' grants in the UK thereby
enhancing our ability to invite a greater number of participants.)

Thank you we look forward to meeting you in May 2004 and to creating a new
world centre for the arts of the book!

Space for any additional comments follows.

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