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Re: [BKARTS] metallic photocopies

I thought that product was called ColorTag. Here's what I found:

The ColorWand is a quick and easy way for adding metallic foils and
color to documents printed from a black and white laser printer or
photocopier. To use it, one selects a ColorTAG strip from the company's
72 available colors, including 54 Pantone hues, place it over a section
of design and slide the ColorWand over the strip. After a few seconds,
peel off the strip and the color adheres to the print output, leaving
surrounding areas clean. Kits include wand, stand, mat and a selection
of strips. Letraset, Paramus, NJ, (800) 524-0785.

I used it with a plain iron. :)

Eric Alstrom wrote:

I remember a product from several years ago which you could iron over a
photocopy which would leave a metallic (or plain color) adhered to where
there was any toner.  Doing a websearch, the only thing I came up with was a
product by Letraset called "Omnicrom,"
<http://www.letraset.com/us/template3.asp?catid=104> but the description
says it is to be used with an "Omnicrom Machine" (sounds very ominous,
doesn't it?).  Does anyone know what Omnicrom is?  Or does anyone know what
other products can achieve this effect?

Thanks for any leads,

Eric Alstrom       Hanover, NH
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