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[BKARTS] Haystack

Here! Here! I second that!
Nance O'Banion and Chris Rolick's workshop, if it's anything like the one 
they gave a number of years ago, is a whirlwind of nonstop artist book 
excitement. I begged for breath. Great energy. Lots to do and learn.

Barbara Mauriello's class will certainly be great at Haystack as well. 
Her reputation precedes her.

On a breathtaking Deer Isle setting, among friends, a community of people
who love what they are doing and learning, with great things to eat, 
how could you help but have a great time? 
Just wait till you smell the bacon. (Sorry vegans. There's tofu as well.)

Hope to be there and...

still dancing,

a l i c e     s i m p s o n
THE DANCING CHANCELLOR:<A HREF="http://tudorhistory.org/news/hatton.html";> http://tudorhistory.org/news/hatton.html</A>

> From:    retta <quilter@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Subject: more book-arts workshops
> Haystack Mountain School of Crafts on Deer Isle, Maine is running two
> different workshops this summer for book artists.
> The first is June 1 - June 13
> 'Books into Boxes'
> Barbara Mauriello (of Center for Book Arts)
> The Second is July 27 - August 15
> '3-Dimensional Narrative'
> Nancy O'Banion & Chris Rolik
> There is also a Japanese Hand Papermaking workshop
> by Karen Stahlecker July 13 - July 25
> Many many other interesting workshops as well - I guarantee you will
> have a wonderful time and the setting on the coast of Maine is
> Visit their website for full descriptions and information
> www.haystack-mtn.org
> or email for a catalogue to
> haystack@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Personally, I'm applying for the first one - maybe I will see you there
> Henrietta
> --
> Henrietta in Blue Hill, Maine

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