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Re: [BKARTS] photographing books

  When photographing any object for documentation and competition everyone
wants a crisp clean look so that what is noticed is the object not your
photography skill or lack of skill.
  An easy background to use is white or black paper. Move a table up
against a wall and tape the paper to the wall letting it hang down the
wall and then over the entire table surface. This gives a nice gradient in
the corner where the paper moves up the wall instead of an ugly crease or
corner. Place your object as far from the wall as you can and still leave
some paper in front of the object. This will make it more possible for the
background to be out of focus and cover any blemishes in your paper.
  Lighting is the next thing to consider. Natural light is always best. If
you can photograph outside you will like the results. Try to photograph in
the first 3 hours of daylight or the last 3 hours of daylight. The light
at this time is going to be the softest and give you the most beautiful
shadows. The second option for natural light is photographing with a
window to one side of your table. This can be done at mid-day. Try to stay
to the edge of the window where the light is softest. With either set up
you can make a cheap reflector out of a piece of white mat board or a car
windshield refelctor. Have a friend hold this and reflect light onto the
shadowed side of your object.
  You can of course use shop lights or flashes or studio strobes to light
your object, but then you have more things to work out before you get the
product you want.
  Plan on burning a roll or two of negative film before you are completely
satisfied with your results.

  If you would like to see pics of my set up or want info. on using
flashes and strobes you can e-mail me off-list.

Justin S Miller
Bound Staff Press


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