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Re: [BKARTS] Warped Book

Thanks you for replying!
I do not have a humidification chamber but I suppose I could rig something up.
Do you have a feel for what the humidity should be and how long to subject it
to the humidity?  Should it be room temperature or something more.

Anyway the part I really do not understand is how to use the blotters. Would a
blotter between each sheet be required? If so that would seem to be a bit much
as there are 375 sheets in the book and even if the blotter paper were .001"
that would add a third of an inch to the thickness of the book. Putting that in
a press would have to damage the spine or so it seems to me? What am I not
understanding or missing?
--- William Minter <WMNTR@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> In a message dated 3/14/03 15:34:36, h9022@xxxxxxxxx writes:
> << I have just received a hard covered book that is is bowed .............. I
> put it
> in an old screw down type book press for two days, to no good. >>
> It most likely needs some moisture to relax the fibers, and then to remove
> that moisture with blotters while the book is under a weight. A simple
> humidification chamber may do the trick.
> Bill Minter

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