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Re: [BKARTS] first time workshop

Well, Yuka, there's the one about the traveling salesman and the pit
bull..... but you've probably used that one before anyhow.

Just tell your students about yourself and your work. Everyone wants to
know who's teaching them. Have books to show them all to encourage them.
Have a handout with basic directions so they can take it home. I've found
that people in general don't take enough notes during a workshop.

The rest is just 1-2-3. Enjoy!

Patrice Baldwin

At 05:34 PM 03/19/2003 -0800, you wrote:
>Hey everyone,
>I'm terribly excited because it looks like I will be
>doing my first public demonstration and workshop very
>soon. I was hoping some of the veteran binders out
>there could offer some advice for the first timer.
>Basically it looks like I'll be doing a VERY public
>demo of Japanese bookbinding at Washington's National
>Cherry Blossom Festival (if they can find room for me)
>on April 5th and then an seperate members only
>workshop in a few weeks to teach some basic Japanese
>binding techniques.
>Any hints and suggestions would be greatly
>appreciated, especially about dealing with crowds of
>people going by and how to break the ice in a
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