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Re: [BKARTS] first time workshop

My "system" for making sure that my hand outs are correct and that I can
explain every step is to "teach myself" as I make my class samples. I go to
the studio and I make the project with whatever supplies that I have had the
students get for their books and then I talk to myself and make notes while I
am making it. Any problems that I encounter are noted so that I can tell them
what "not" to do as well as what should be done.

This rehearsal really helps me to get my verbage and my timing and saves
me(usually) from making embarrassing mistakes in front of a lot of people.

You will find your style, but my thinking is that it is best to be very
analytical about what you are doing, because the students will be asking you
to analyse every step of the way. I also like to think about classes that I
have taken where the teacher has really impressed me and try to think about
what it was that impressed me and then try to emulate that quality.

The two things that I find the most challenging are organization and timing.
It is important to organize classrooms to have places for drying and
pressing. To organize the steps in the project so any messy stuff can be
cleaned up and gotten out of the way before the actual binding starts so
books stay clean.  To achieve these things I make an outline for every class
that I teach. It is done in a table in Word. There are 5 columns. Time,
Activity, Supplies I provide, Supplies students provide, classroom needs.
This all takes a lot of prep time but it is worth it to boost my self
confidence and to keep my students coming back.

Hope this helps,

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