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[BKARTS] Public Demonstrations

Dear Yuka,
       I have never done public demonstrations of bookbinding but have done many
demos. on a number of other topics.  Don't expect to get much work
accomplished you will be interrupted with questions too often.  Have a
series of samples showing the various stages you go through because most
people will not spend enough time to watch the completion of even a segment
of the demo.  Have available a list of references, web sites, groups,
schools, etc. people can use to learn more about the subject.  Someone
actually doing something, hands on, will attract the passers by.  To break
the ice at the demonstration say hello, where are you from, ask them a
question about what you are doing such as "would you like to see how to
......" once they respond to you they tend to hang around.  A crowd around
your booth/area draws other people.  Don't take anything you can't afford
to loose, not often but sometimes things disappear.  Take drinking water
and food, all that talking will make you thirsty and the food vendors are
often overpriced.  Have a comfortable chair the day will be long and watch
the weather forecast you may need shade from the sun or shelter from rain
and bring some stones to weight things down if windy. The demonstration is
a great place to recruit people for organizations, also have a sign-up
sheet and you can build a mailing list for future workshops or for sales
literature.  By the end of the day you will have answered the same basic
questions a gazillion times but will know you spread some knowledge where
it wasn't before and that is a good feeling.

John Laird
Director of Library Sales

Oak Knoll Books
310 Delaware Street
New Castle, DE 19720 USA
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Fax: 302-328-7274
E-mail: johnlaird@xxxxxxxxxxxx
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