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[BKARTS] 4th Annual Edible Books & Tea sponsored by Center for Book & Paper Arts and Columbia College Library

For Midwestern or Chicago area artists, chefs and appetites:

Columbia College's 4th Annual Edible Book Show & Tea Puts Whimsy First

The Edible Book Show & Tea is the tongue-in-cheek
April Fools' Day event at Columbia College Chicago that pokes loving fun
at literature, art and food in equal measure. Once again, the Columbia
College Library and the college's Center for Book & Paper Arts will
co-sponsor the event, welcoming the public to the third floor of the
Columbia Library at 624 S. Michigan Avenue to indulge in the eccentric
delight of eating books.
The delicious doings are scheduled for Tuesday, April 1, 6-8 p.m. Free
to Book Cooks; $10 donation for other attendees.
Artists with a culinary streak and chefs with artistic souls are invited
to participate by whipping up an Edible Book to show and eat. Create an
edible book to share and the event is free. To participate with an
original creation, you must RSVP by 5 p.m. on Friday, March 28 with your
name, "book" title and a full list of ingredients - preferably via
e-mail - to Melissa Jay Craig at mcraig@xxxxxxxxx(312-344-6635).

"This event is every bit as quirky as it sounds," says Craig, Columbia
faculty member, artist-cum-cook and co-hostess of Edible Books. "It's a
great chance to meet other people with an offbeat sense of humor, not to
mention fulfilling two of life's most basic urges - to create and to

Uninspired or shy - but curious and hungry? You're still welcome to
attend, admire and feast. RSVP to Michelle Ferguson at 312-344-7384
(michelleferguson@xxxxxxxxx) and bring a $10 donation to benefit the
Center's bindery.
"We co-sponsored Edible Books for the first time last year and were
thrilled with the event," says Ferguson, library staffer and event
co-hostess. "Munching amidst the stacks sets an appropriately irreverent
tone and gives rise to some memorable jocularity."
Last year's event included nearly 30 creations by artist/cooks who
crafted both sweet and savory volumes. Titles included such masterpieces
as To Cook a Mockingbird by Kara McAuliffe, Linkletter/Art by Pamela and
Cori Paulsrud, The Book of Kelps by Emily Reiser and Flesh Cards by
Larry Wilson.

To view books visit
The Chicago festivities are part of an international celebration of
books, food, art and fun conceived by California-based publisher,
curator and art critic Judith Hoffberg. She devised the plan with
friends over Thanksgiving dinner, shared the idea via the internet - and
the offbeat event took on a life of its own.

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