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[BKARTS] WOID # IX–20. The Pennies

Its that time again. The winners are about to be announced for the Pennies, the glamorous awards for Excellence in Protest March Signage. Graffiti artists, ten-year olds and grizzled veterans are a-tremble, while off somewhere in her lonely mansion a faded calligrapher downs her fifth martini.

Winners were chosen among the participants in yesterdays march against the War in New York City. Although many slogans showed a high level of sophistication the impartial judge reminds us that the march went down Broadway, not Madison Avenue. Points were given for initiative and individualism. Fortunately, there was a great deal of both.

Best Statement by a Demonstrator with an Age in the Single Digits: George Bush is a total LOSER.

Best Camp Group With a Message. Glamericans, "a non-partisan group of funky Americans committed to non-violence and its promotion through glamorous, media-savvy, cultural events. Not just for signs like Make-up, Not War, or War is Tacky, Darling, but for the plush-and-spangle peace signs in pink and green.

A for Effort. A sign made to look like a manila envelope, with the hand and torch of the Statue of Liberty sticking out and the notation: To Jack Chirac, France, Europe. Dear Jack  You can have this back. We dont need it any more anyway. Mercy Buecoup, G. W. Bush.

Best Subversion of a Pro-War Chesnut. Under a picture of an American Flag: These Colors will not Runthe World.

Most Direct: Have Another Pretzel, Asshole.

Most Unlikely Radical Group: Couch Potatoes for Peace.

Best Recycling:  A young woman with short hair had picked up a piece of cardboard with some printed calligraphy (green, with a stylized rose), and written across it: Stop the War, in black. On the good side she had scrawled: Pussy Lovers Against Bush.

Most Difficult to Get Across in a Visual Format: dubyadubyadubya dot oil dot bomb.

Most Graphically Elegant: a red tear, followed by a barred =, followed by a black tear.

Best in March Which Just Happens to be Least Oriented Towards Writing: a ten-inch rubber skull on a stick, with dollars clenched in its teeth.

Good night folks. And remember: the Pennies  Mightier than the Sword!

Paul T Werner, New York

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