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[BKARTS] Photos of 16th-18th c. Hand Book Presses ?

I am not certain of exactly what you mean by "book presses" but many people
refer to mechanical copying presses as book presses.  If you are referring
to a heavy metal screw type press usually made to fit on a table top that
had two arms supporting a single screw operated by either a hand wheel or
bar, often with two balls at the end, then you may be looking for
mechanical copying press information.  Many of these have been used or
converted to bookbinding use as more modern technologies replaced their
earlier purpose.  If this is of interest to your search I refer you to the
following book published by Oak Knoll Press.  The picture shows one of
these presses on the dust jacket.

MECHANICAL COPYING 1780-1938. New Castle: Oak Knoll Press, 1999, tall 8vo.,
cloth, dust jacket. 498 pages.        $75.00
First edition. Well-written and fully documented with more than 1,000 rare
illustrations, the authors cover the art and history of mechanical copying
from the dawn of the industrial revolution to the remarkable founding of
the Xerox Corporation. This work reveals the importance of the humble copy
press from its origins in England in 1770 to its demise in the 1930s. In
Part One, noted historian Barbara Rhodes reveals the social impact of the
copy press in the office, and the traditions, materials, and methods used.
In Part Two, William Streeter, one of the foremost collectors and
authorities on the subject, takes the reader into early development and
manufacture of mechanical copying equipment. This work is an important
addition to the libraries of copybook and equipment collectors,
conservators, and historians of British and American business history. ISBN

See the image of the above book at: http://www.oakknoll.com/bookimag/054108.gif

If these are not the type of "book presses" you had in mind perhaps a more
detailed description would prove helpful.

John Laird
Director of Library Sales

Oak Knoll Press
310 Delaware Street
New Castle, DE 19720 USA
Phone: 302-328-7232
Fax: 302-328-7274
E-mail: johnlaird@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Web: http://www.oakknoll.com

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