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Re: [BKARTS] Book Arts Classified


Book Arts Classified is a very active publication. I have advertised in it
ever since its beginning, and have found many students and contacts from it.

Of course, a longer ad will pull in more interest, and I wouldn't bother
with a picture, unless it's important to see the cover to explain it.

Don't know what to say to you about price. I sell my books for the price I
want. Take it or leave it.

Hope this helps.

Patrice Baldwin
Pequeño Press

At 01:17 PM 03/24/2003 -0700, you wrote:
>I was wondering how much response most people get from ads they place in the
>Book Arts Classified publication. I was thinking about listing an artist
>book for sale and wondered if it worth the effort.
>Do you all find that you generate sales from this publication?
>Do you find paying the extra $10 for a photo is worth the money?
>Does an ad longer than 50 words work better than the shorter, free listing?
>Who are the regular buyers from this publication? Libraries, collectors,
>Is there a price range that sells better? Less versus more expensive books?
>Thanks for your feedback.
>Kevin Thomas
>Book Artist
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