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Re: [BKARTS] Hemp Cord

It's my understanding that hemp fibers deteriorate over time whereas flax
fibers do not.  I've read that people who make hooked rugs should not use a
hemp/burlap fabric as a rug base for that reason.
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Subject: Re: [BKARTS] Hemp Cord

> As always, it all depends....
> If a flitch of flax (couldn't help m'self), were to be tested alongside
> a hank-O-hemp, all retted the same, then the hemp would likely come out
> ahead of the game.
> Look to Naval Stores.  When compared in equal tests, at sea, rope made
> from hemp did better that rope made from flax/linen.
> However, linen or hemp, sewing supports are not much exposed to storms at
> sea (with any luck) so that doesn't really matter.
> On the other hand, if your hemp cord came from Chinese enzyme retted
> it will not be as strong as, for instance, Russian grass retted fiber.
> But, Russian grass retted fiber is not as good as, for instance, Belgian,
> Italian, or Irish retted flax fiber.
> Of course, the Irish don't ret their fiber anymore.  They buy from the
> Belgians and Italians, when they don't buy from the Russians, or Chinese
> (or any number of the new Central European countries.)
> "What was your question?  You in the back..."
> Ah, yes.  Well, that is why I grow, ret, hackle, scutch, and spin my own
> thread and cord from flax when it is important enough.  They would put me
> in jail if I grew hemp.
> Cheers,
> Jack
> >Does anyone on this list know how hemp cord compares to linen cord to
> >sew on? I've been given a sample of hemp cord. It seems very strong,
> >frays out very nicely, and claims to be 100% natural. I have no idea
> >though about its long term use. Any input would be appreciated.
> >
> >Thanks,
> >Frank Lehmann
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