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Re: [BKARTS] drying books

I just got back from vacation and am jumping in on this thread in the
middle, so please pardon my confused state or if I am repeating an already
asked question...


I understand the theory of interleaving, either with waxed paper or
absorbent towelling.  But in practice, how do you interleave between EVERY
page in such a large book?

In my experience, even interleaving every 10 pages or so creates such a
swell that A) the book won't close in order to palce a weight on top of the
book and B) the binding can be damaged from all the added thickness, even if
you can get the waxed paper all the way to the spine on every page.

I would like to hear how you (and others on the list) accomplish this or are
there other methods of interleaving which binders/conservators find


on 3/25/03 2:52 PM, Paul D. Martin at PaulMartin@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Once the book is thoroughly humidified, I recommend interleafing
> each of the 375 pages with a piece of waxed paper that has been cut to the
> same size as the page itself.  I know it's a lot of cutting, but the waxed
> paper will keep the unavoidable swell in the thickness of the book to a
> minimum.  [I recommend Reynolds Cut-Rite Wax Paper.]  Once that is done,
> place a nonabsorbent panel over the book and apply enough weight to assure
> contact pressure only.  Then wait until the book and its pages are thorough
> dry!

 Eric Alstrom      Collections Conservator
 Dartmouth College      Hanover, NH
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