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[BKARTS] Freshest Advices: March 2003

Freshest Advices: March 2003 (distributed to the Book_arts-L, ExLibris, and
SHARP electronic bulletin boards 25 Mar 2003)

New RBS Map Course. Rare Book School is pleased to announce that David
Woodward, Arthur H. Robinson Professor of Georgraphy Emeritus at the
University of Wisconsin, has agreed to teach an RBS course on the history
of maps, beginning in March 2004. Woodward is the Founding Editor of The
History of Cartography Project; see:


The Project is:
a research, editorial, and publishing venture drawing international
attention to the history of maps and mapping. The Project's major work is
the multi-volume History of Cartography series. Its interdisciplinary
approach brings together scholars in the arts, sciences, and humanities. By
considering previously ignored aspects of cartographic history, the Project
encourages a broader view of maps that has significantly influenced other
fields of study.

Woodward is the author of "Catalogue of Watermarks in Italian Maps, ca.
1540 - 1600" (Florence: Leo S. Olschki, 1996); "The All-American Map: Wax
Engraving and Its Influence on Cartography" (Chicago 1977); and many other
books and articles;  he edited "Five Centuries of Map Printing" (Chicago
1975) and "Art and Cartography: Six Historical Essays" (Chicago 1987); for
his vita, see


Schiller Malkin Lecture. Nearly ten years ago at RBS, Justin G. Schiller
gave the 1993 Sol. M. and Mary Ann O'Brian Malkin Lecture in Bibliography.
His subject was the history of the antiquarian trade in collectible
children's books. The wheels grind slowly here -- but they do move. We are
pleased finally to announce the publication of Schiller's 48-page lecture,
as "Pioneering Collectible Children's Books: The First One Hundred Years."
The price of the 48-page lecture is $10. For ordering details, see


Incidentally, Bernard M. Rosenthal's wonderful 1986 Malkin lecture is now
back in print, with a new postscript: The Gentle Invasion: Continental
Emigre Booksellers of the Thirties and Forties and Their Impact on the
Antiquarian Booktrade in the United States.
    Greer Allen will deliver the 2003 Sol M. and Mary Ann O'Brian Malkin
Lecture in Bibliography at UVa on Monday, 14 July, in Room 201 Clemons
Library. His title: "Everything I Know about Book Design I Learned at the
Race Track."

Books in Sheets. RBS owns seven copies of the 1691 duodecimo book, Actus
interni virtutum ad Beatissimam Virginem Mariam (Dillingen: Joan. Casp.
Bencard), all in flat sheets, as well as one or more copies of about two
dozen other books in sheets. We've recently posted a fairly detailed list
of our holdings of books in sheets on our Web site at

We'd be very glad to know of the existence of other pre-1801 books in
sheets, both in institutional collections and in antiquarian booksellers'

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