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Re: [BKARTS] Hemp

At 02:18 AM 3/26/2003 -0800, you wrote:
Ah, now....  'hempen' fiber does not, in and off itself, make an
'extremely coarse and somewhat rigid' paper. I've made paper from
Russian and Chinese hemp and would be hard put to distinguish those
sheets from those I've made from linen, except for the Russian hemp
which did contain a fair amount of shive.

Papermakers (European-style) have been using rags of all sorts to
make paper since at least the 12th century.

Thanks for writing that about hemp paper, Jack. I thought the previous post sounded wrong, but not sure enough of my facts to comment. Hemp paper is available from these folks (among others) http://www.ahappyplanet.com/ahpstore/office/prtfp.html

and I'm tempted to get some.

I know Asian papermakers use kozo/mulberry fiber directly,
do they use hemp (asa in Japanese) the same way?

The "Manila Hemp" (Musa textilis) Doug refers to is
more commonly known (at least in the textile world)
as "abaca" or banana fiber (basho in Japanese).
We did use it in a papermaking workshop I took several
years ago, mixed with cotton linters.

I have a small collection of hand-woven Japanese hemp
and nettle textiles. They are not coarse, rather they are
so fine they are almost sheer. They are not stiff, but
"crisp" with a springy, almost papery quality.

The only hemp fabric/clothing I've seen is made in China
and very coarse -- it would probably make better rags
for paper than it does clothing. But there is nothing inherently
coarse about hemp fiber.

Has anyone on the list actually made paper using just hemp?


Susan Fatemi

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