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Re: [BKARTS] drying books

It's not an issue. The interleaving paper is never in there more than an

Also, as the moisture is wicking out of the damp pages and moving into
the dry interleaving paper, I doubt that acid would be active enough to
fight that motion and push into the wet pages.

If the papers were dry and in contact with each other for an extended
time it might happen.

Another point to remember is that commercial papers made until the early
1990's are mostly of wood pulp fibers, and thus acidic.  That I would be
interleaving a wet book of alkaline paper is unusual.

Ann Frellsen
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sonja larsen wrote:

    I am amazed that you would use such acidic papers as newspaper end rolls
for working with books.  Isn't the acid sure to wick out?

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