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Re: [BKARTS] Hemp

Had a look at both sources you've linked to, and the first sells a hemp
paper, but it's only 40% hemp with 40% flax and 20% cotton.  Also,
sorry, but since we're always trying to clear facts from fiction on the
list here, I've looked for some source info.  I'm referring to
"Identification of Vegetable Fibers" by Dorothy Catling and John
Grayson, Archetype Publ. 1982.  I had the pleasure of learning from Ms.
Catling a few years back and her knowledge is astounding.
She states on page 18, "It is now agreed the two genera, Cannibis and
Humulus, form the family Cannabaceae and that Cannabis is a monotypic
genus; Index Kewensis lists only the species C. sativa L...." also
"Plant breeders have sought to develop strains suited to a particular
climate or to the efficient production of one crop [ie fiber, oil,
narcotic, animal feed]".  I too have heard that the sort of cannabis
used for paper/textiles is non-active from a drug standpoint, but I
think this is more about selective breeding than botanical
identification.  I'm sure I'll get some eggs thrown at me for being
pedantic, and what does this have to do with the original posting about
the relative strength of hemp cord.

I think that what we're uncovering with all of this is that when it
comes to trades/crafts such as bookmaking, papermaking, etc. much info
is passed down, stated as hearsay, rumored, while other pieces of info
come from other means-generally academia.

To others on the list not interested, thanks for your time.

Doug Sanders

> Here are a couple of sources local to me who are selling hemp paper
and as far as I
> know the use nothing but hemp.
> http://www.islandnet.com/~ecodette/ecosource.htm
> http://www.hempandcompany.com/manufact.php
> It is importrant to remember that the variety of hemp used for paper
and rope is NOT
> the variety that is used to smoke. To confuse the two would be like
confusing leeks
> and onions. They are the same family but totally different species.
> Dave
> David Allen

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