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[BKARTS] Eat Your Words in Boulder, Colorado

This is being put on by the Book Arts League, at the Boulder Museum of
Contemporary Arts in Boulder, Colorado.
                                                        - Kay Moller

 Most people don't enjoy eating their words. But on Sunday, March 30, a
 group of local artists will eat their words and love it, when the Book
 Arts League and the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art host the 4th
 International Edible Book Show and Tea.

 That's right, the tea, to benefit the Book Arts League, a community
 nonprofit arts organization, will feature "books" made entirely from
 edible materials. The public is invited to enjoy a cup of tea and
 snacks while viewing the edible creations, and then watch, or even
 join in, as the artists "eat their words" and consume the exhibit.

 The idea for the tea was cooked up by Judith Hoffberg while sharing a
 Thanksgiving turkey with book artist friends in 1999. The event,
 always held on or near April Fool's Day, has rapidly spread to many
 locations throughout the US and is held in many foreign countries as
 well. It will be the second year the BAL has held the whimsical event
 in Boulder.

 The Tea is Sunday, March 30, 4-7 pm, at BMoCA, 1750 13th Street, in
 Boulder. Admission is $5, BMoCA members: $3. Kids under 12 are Free.

 For more information about the local tea, visit

 To visit the international website, go to

(text written by Earl Noe)

Kay Moller
Preservation/Book Repair
Norlin Room M150
University of Colorado@Boulder
(303) 492-7724

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