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Re: [BKARTS] Book arts books?

About a week ago Jean posted a recommendation about Keith Smith's books.  I
just got his latest volume in the series which is QUICK LEATHER
BINDING.  That is the fifth volume in the series.  The entire series is
well illustrated with understandable instructions and filled with
ideas.  Each volume is devoted to a different aspect of binding and volume
5 is devoted to new developments in leather binding.  I thought it would be
helpful to provide a listing and descriptions of each of the volumes in the
series.  All volumes are presently available from Oak Knoll Books.

Non-Adhesive Binding Volume 1

32473   (Bookbinding) Smith, Keith A. BOOKS WITHOUT PASTE OR GLUE.
Non-Adhesive Binding Volume I. Book No. 128. New York: Keith Smith Books,
1999, thick 8vo., stiff paper wrappers. 351+(1) pages.
       $ 30.00
Revised and expanded edition. A practical manual which demonstrates basic
as well as very elaborate bindings constructed without adhesives and
requiring no presses or other heavy equipment. Smith approaches binding as
an integral part of the overall statement of the book so that the physical
design becomes an extension of the content. This edition contains 264 drawn
illustrations and 123 photo reproductions by thirty-seven binders and book
artists. Includes glossary and index.

Non-Adhesive Binding Volume 2

47244   (Bookbinding) Smith, Keith A. 1-2-&3-SECTION SEWINGS. Non-Adhesive
Binding Volume II. Rochester, NY: Keith A. Smith Books, 1995, small 8vo.,
stiff paper wrappers. 315, (3) pages.
       $ 30.00
Reprint of the first edition. Written and drawn instructions for 122
sewings which yield four, to perhaps a hundred pages imposed as one, two or
three sections. Almost all of these sewings on continuous limp paper
supports were devised Smith, as the book was written. Photos of bindings by
twenty-eight contemporary binders and artists. Glossary included.

Non-Adhesive Binding Volume 3

46159   (Bookbinding) Smith, Keith A. EXPOSED SPINE SEWINGS. Non-Adhesive
Binding Volume III. Rochester: Keith, (1997), 8vo., stiff paper wrappers.
315, (3) pages.
       $ 30.00
Reprint of the first edition. Volume III of Smith's series on Non-Adhesive
Binding describes a variety techniques for sewing across the spine
including Greek Binding, Celtic Weave and Caterpillar as well as nine
various Coptic sewings. Illustrated with photograph by contemporary binders.

Non-Adhesive Binding Volume 4

65268   (Bookbinding) Smith, Keith A. SMITH'S SEWING SINGLE SHEETS.
Non-Adhesive Binding Volume IV. Rochester, NY: Keith A. Smith Books, 2001,
small 8vo., stiff paper wrappers. 331, (5) pages.
       $ 30.00
First edition. This is the fourth book in Smith's series on non-adhesive
binding. Precisely written and drawn instructions are provided for several
variations on ways to bind single sheets of paper, board, Plexiglas or even
metal. The bindings open flat to any page which makes for handsome and
functional albums. Photos in black and white of bindings by other
contemporary binders and artists are also featured. Includes glossary and

Non-Adhesive Binding Volume 5

73122   (Bookbinding) Smith, Keith A. QUICK LEATHER BINDING. Non-Adhesive
Binding Volume V. Rochester, NY: Keith Smith Books, 2002, 8vo., stiff paper
wrappers. 317, (3) pages.
       $ 30.00
First edition. The author's aim is to break away from traditional binding,
yet keep the structures strong and the material archival. He strips away
unnecessary steps, such as rounding and backing, and speeds up others,
since he is working on books of 1-5, sections--quick leather bindings, with
no paste or glue. Divided into sections on preliminaries, covers,
continuous support sewings, and a glossary. Illustrated throughout with
drawings and diagrams.

John Laird
Director of Library Sales

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