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Re: [BKARTS] Papers...

MayKitten -

Bible paper sounds intriguing to me.  I print small jobs on my ink jet
printer, and am constantly frustrated by paper that is either light, but not
opaque to the ink jet ink, or opaque, but too heavy for the purpose.  A
quick search has turned up no place that sells such paper.  Does it have
another name?  Does anyone know where relatively small quantities can be


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I find 28 lb bible paper is good for my thin papet
needs. I keep it stocked in rolls 18.75", 37.75", 39",
54.75" and 74.25" for my belt press and in grain long
20x26 and grain long and grain short 25.5X39" sheets.

While this runs nicely going through my Heidleburg
sheet feds, and my V-50x verticles windmills and
Kluge; it balks badly when fed into my AB Dick 9995
and 4995 presses, no matter the grain direction.

I most generally run this on the belt press as those
who ask for this are concearned with the mailing cost
of longer (5,000+) runs.


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