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[BKARTS] paper cutter

Perhaps this List is more in touch than I am but out here in the
wilderness we have access to very little stuff!

Recently while visiting family out of state I saw in my
brother-in-law's studio a lovely rotary paper cutter - much nicer
than any I have ever seen in Staples.  It is German-made and comes in
several sizes - I got the 18" size Model#508 for $93.  I am happy to
report that it is sturdy and accurate!  The top bar that holds the
paper in place is transparent so you can see exactly where your cut
will come.  The only draw back is the measurement markings on the bed
are incomplete - there is no grid, just marks along the top and
bottom fence.  I plan to remedy this by laying down masking tape.

  I am delighted with it and have already used it extensively for a
variety of tasks.  It is called a CutCat by Dahl.  All I did was a
google search with those words to find a dealer in the U.S.  Dahl has
a website also where you can see the various models.

Here's the place I ordered from, there may be others:

'A Camera Store' in Grass Valley, CA
Ph: 888-303-2554
Email: customerservice@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Henrietta in Blue Hill, Maine

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