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The city of Newcastle upon Tyne also has some great Bewick places. The
Central Library I believe has some Bewick-related material, as well as
Bewick Society material (if memory serves me correctly).  Also, the
University of Newcastle has some of his blocks, including the very
famous block for the image of the Chillingham Bull.  It's a large size
(for wood engravings) composed of a number of blocks bound together with
a metal strap.  A real treat for print enthusiasts. I think the building
where he had his shop still stands (fingers crossed), it's in a part of
town that used to house all of the printers and newspaper offices.
There are still a few sites pointing to that past.
Cherryburn's a nice place to visit- in a small village called Mickley
Square.  You can visit the house, then take a stroll down to the river
Tyne for a picnic lunch.  It's a great part of England.

Doug Sanders

> For anyone traveling to England in the foreseeable future, you might
> to make a note to check out Cherryburn, a small farm house in the Tyne
> in the north-east of England. The birthplace of Thomas Bewick
> who was a great miniaturist and wood engraver, Cherryburn is owned by
> National Trust of England, Wales and Northern Ireland. New York book
> Justin Schiller assembled a personal collection of books, often in
> original and now very fragile dust jackets,  and other materials
about Bewick
> and these are on view at Cherryburn. In addition to the books, the
> has a collection of wood blocks and drawings, and there are regular
> of printing and bookbindings.<br>
> <br>
> <i>Taken from an article by Mark Purcell, National Trust Libraries
> in the Spring 2003 Royal Oak Newsletter.</i><br>
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> Diana B
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