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[BKARTS] looking for paper punches (largish shapes) that can be made away from the edge of the paper

I'm working on some bindings that avoid both glue and thread.  I'm hoping
to be able to cut 5-cm circles (or 7-cm ellipses, etc.) at positions in
the middle of sheets of paper.  This is easy if the shapes involve
straight edges (just measure and cut with a knife).  But what about

There are lots of punches that work at the very edge of a sheet of paper,
and some other punches that can reach in for perhaps 20 cm or so. However,
all of the punches that I know about are limited, because the upper part
of the punch and the lower part of the punch are connected by a hinge (or
similar -- like a conventional hole punch or mechanically similar to a
stapler).  The limit is that the punch can only reach 20 cm (or less)
toward the center of a large sheet of paper.

Are there any punches that can be used (as it were) like cookie-cutters?
Punches that can be positioned anywhere on a large sheet of paper, without
having to worry about a hinge or the edge of the paper?

Michael Muller

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