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Re: [BKARTS] looking for paper punches (largish shapes) that can be made away from the edge of the paper

You can have a type high die made of the shape you
want to sut and use a portable linolium press for
doing the cutting. The ability to make a nice cut
depends on the size of yur die and how much arm moxie
you can muster.

--- Michael Muller/Cambridge/IBM
<michael_muller@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I'm working on some bindings that avoid both glue
> and thread.  I'm hoping
> to be able to cut 5-cm circles (or 7-cm ellipses,
> etc.) at positions in
> the middle of sheets of paper.  This is easy if the
> shapes involve
> straight edges (just measure and cut with a knife).
> But what about
> curves?
> There are lots of punches that work at the very edge
> of a sheet of paper,
> and some other punches that can reach in for perhaps
> 20 cm or so. However,
> all of the punches that I know about are limited,
> because the upper part
> of the punch and the lower part of the punch are
> connected by a hinge (or
> similar -- like a conventional hole punch or
> mechanically similar to a
> stapler).  The limit is that the punch can only
> reach 20 cm (or less)
> toward the center of a large sheet of paper.
> Are there any punches that can be used (as it were)
> like cookie-cutters?
> Punches that can be positioned anywhere on a large
> sheet of paper, without
> having to worry about a hinge or the edge of the
> paper?
> Thanks,
> --michael
> -----
> Michael Muller
> mullerm@xxxxxxx

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