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Re: [BKARTS] looking for paper punches (largish shapes) that can be made away from the edge of the paper

<< I'm working on some bindings that avoid both glue and thread.  I'm hoping
to be able to cut 5-cm circles (or 7-cm ellipses, etc.) at positions in
the middle of sheets of paper.  This is easy if the shapes involve
straight edges (just measure and cut with a knife).  But what about
curves? >>

At scrapbooking stores, you can buy a tool called a "Circle Cutter".  You are
supposed to be able to center the thing on a piece of paper, and use a cutter
that comes with it to cut circles of different sizes.  Not to be confused
with the circle maker, drawer, or some such thing - that you use with a
pencil to draw circles.  Some of the Circle Cutters come with small square
cutting mats, that I think help you with centering the tool.
I have one and have used it with varying success - but you may have more
skill then I do - it's a option.

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