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Re: [BKARTS] Tiered pricing - opinions

Actually, I'm impressed that this type of pricing is more logical than
other pricing scales. Higher prices for the early numbers of an edition of
books is sort of silly. It comes from the printmaking tradition which
really does have a valid reason, but since each book in an edition "should"
be exactly the same, it's not logical (but it impresses clients all the

I think as an edition nears the end, the value of it does increase, as
there won't be any more after that. I'm gonna have to re-think my pricing
scale more closely now.

Patrice Baldwin
Pequeño Press

At 08:34 AM 04/01/2003 -0800, you wrote:
>I'm binding a limited edition (40) in collaboration with a
>photographer. Each book will have 30 hand printed images tipped in. The
>question of pricing is still somewhat open.
>Geir (my collaborator) is used to tiered pricing for his photographic
>editions (the price goes up in several steps as the edition sells out).
>This is not a pricing strategy that I've ever heard discussed in
>relation to books.
>We will begin selling in the collector world that is already familiar
>with his work and who are used to tiered pricing. I'm wondering if this
>is a system that would play out if we expanded our market into to book
>world. Is it ever done for books?
>Don Drake
>Dreaming Mind
>IM: stitchbyhand
>(510) 537-9711

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