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[BKARTS] A site for font fans ...

Some of you are interested in text styles and fonts. Font fanatics should check out fontscape (www.fontscape.com). I discovered it from the researchbuzz.com newsletter, a neat resource for researchers with a internet/ technical bent. 

Each font listing includes a full sample of the font with links to where the font can be purchased. Free fonts with download links are also there. 

Below are the categories ...


      Application (225)
      Typefaces classified according to their suitability for particular applications.

      Mood (193)
      Choose a typeface to convey a particular mood or impression.

      Period (269)
      Choose a typeface to capture a particular period or artistic movement.

      Appearance (889)
      Typefaces that have a distinctive appearance.

      Classification (266)
      The traditional typeface classifications, used by type historians and typographers.

      International (162)
      Typefaces with a characteristic international flavour
     Simulation (507)
      Typefaces that simulate the appearance of lettering written using a particular tool, such as felt-pen handwriting, or a rubber stamp.

      Free (28)
      Typefaces available for free download from their designers.

      Dimensions (325)
      Choose a font with particular dimensions or metrics.

      Pictures (47)
      Fonts containing collections of pictures.

      Symbols (102)
      Fonts containing collections of symbols

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