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Re: [BKARTS] Tiered pricing - opinions

I always add the gallery or museum sales commission to the price of my
books for an exhibition.


>I don't do a lot of exhibition or sales at galleries.  One local place I'll
>show my books charges between 25%-40% commission (some of the sales are
>fundraisers for this local non-profit gallery -- so I'm not complaining
>about their rates in this message).
>I try to keep my books reasonably priced, especially the blank journals (the
>ones that sell the best, of course).  If I didn't raise my prices at least a
>small amount, then I would hardly make anything beyond cost of materials.  I
>know I could put a higher price on my books to start with, but with
>something like blank books, they won't sell if priced to high.
>So, does anyone change the price of their works when selling at a gallery to
>take into account the commission?  I've wondered about the ethics of doing
>this, but for the above reasons I've gone ahead and done it.  Any comments?
>on 4/2/03 2:02 AM, Richard Minsky at minsky@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>> I also work with dealers, galleries and institutions that exhibit the Works
>> and who get commissions on sales.A client pays the same price whether it is
>> direct fom my studio or through a dealer. The commission rate varies
>> depending on whether the dealer holds a Work on consignment, orders from my
>> catalog, or mounts an exhibition with announcements and publicity.
> Eric Alstrom       Hanover, NH
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