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Re: [BKARTS] Tiered pricing - opinions

Prior to my career in the bookarts, I sold individual paintings, mainly through
galleries but occasionally directly.  I've always been aware that the gallery
system requires an artist to have one price for a piece regardless of seller. If
an artist sells work directly to buyers for less than a gallery would sell the
same, or a similar piece, it undermines the efforts of the gallery on behalf of
the artist. An artist selling for less out of the studio will eventually end up
without a dealer. I adhere to that practince working with multiples as well as
one-of-a-kind pieces. Its true that paying a  commission to a dealer isn't easy,
I sell enough work without paying a commission that it averages out though. A
good dealer easily earns the 40% and without their participation in the
presentation of my work, my audience would be small indeed. If I have no
audience, I have no sales.

As to tiered pricing, I raise my prices every January 1. The amount of increase
is variable and depends on how many copies remain, how well its been selling
etc. This rewards early buyers and helps with the inflation business. For me its
easier to have an annual increase instead of trying to figure out price
increases individually throughout the 'in print' life of a book. The
subscription process Richard describes is a sound one and one I hope to
implement myself some day.

Best, Alicia Bailey, Ravenpress

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