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Re: [BKARTS] Toronto

Hey Kevin!
I love Toronto! In the category of unrelated book suggestions: The Textile Museum (wonderful tiny little place near the other museums- would recommend it over the ROM {natural history +art... it
wasn't as interesting, kinda watered down by the natural history stuff to me}).

And Greektown: Go when it's getting busy around evening & eat where it's looking full! This tactic worked for us many times, but then we forgot the names of the places we liked so much. (But this
led to our finding new places we liked.)

Oh, hey, I almost forgot! one of my favorite places to go in Toronto: the design bookstore near the art college. Every kind of art discipline there that could be remotely said design. They had many
things on the shelf that Borders & B&N don't usually, so you can see & handle...
It's: Another Man's Poison; 29 McCaul Street; Phone: 416.593.6451

Have fun!
Val Van Sice

Kevin Driedger wrote:

> I'm going to have some play time in Toronto the last weekend of this month. Does anyone know some book-related sites I should visit. (I'd gladly receive any non-book-related suggestions as well.)
> Kevin Driedger
> Lansing, Michigan

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