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Re: [BKARTS] Insurance SOS


I checked with my insurer since I often ahve workshops here and she said that my
coverage would cover anyone just as it would during an open studio etc on a
normal basis. Are you expecting a large number of students? are you covered

Check your existing policy and probably it covers any mishaps...I teach young
people and we all know that a bindery is not really kid safe..


DanceMarathon1@xxxxxxx wrote:

> Does anyone know of insurance for artists teaching workshops?
> I have the opportunity to teach for at least a month, but not without
> insurance.
> My Traveler's wants $600 for the year.
> The class is to begin this week, and suddenly there's a concern someone might
> trip
> or kill themselves or someone else with a bone folder.  Die of a paper cut.
> Fun to think of the things one might do in Book Arts
> that might bring a law suit upon one !!!
> Any ideas-- about the insurance, or if you like, threats by books.
> Thanks in advance.
> Still dancing,
> Alice
> alice simpson

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