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[BKARTS] Paper for Guarding

I am doing a personal project in which I plan to guard
every leaf. This is partially due to the the fact that
I will only have single sheets with which to work. I
plan to guard all the leaf so that I will have
signatures and can do a coptic binding.

My question is about what type of paper to use. I
would actually like the guarding to be visible and
would like to use a natural color, like brown or tan.
Swell will hopefully not be too much of an issue
because the there will also be additions, such as
envelopes and photos, tipped in on some of the pages.
I am hoping that will even things out a bit. Any
suggestions on a good paper to use?

This project is purely for myself, so I don't mind
experimenting. I have three sets of the pages to work
with, so if I mess up (no more than twice), I can
replace what I ruined.

I'd love to hear about anyone else's trials and errors
in this area.




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