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[BKARTS] Rare Book School

RARE BOOK SCHOOL (RBS) is pleased to announce its Spring and Summer
Sessions 2003, a collection of five-day, non-credit courses on topics
concerning rare books, manuscripts, the history of books and
printing, and special collections to be held at the University of

FOR AN APPLICATION FORM and electronic copies of the complete
brochure and the RBS Expanded Course Descriptions (ECDs), providing
additional details about the courses offered and other information
about RBS, visit our Web site at:


Readers of the forum may find the following Rare Book School courses
to be of particular interest:

13) The field of artists' books includes work that spans the full
spectrum of cultural objects, handmade originals, calligraphic and
typographic experimentation, conceptual productions, and works
produced in the traditions of fine printing and independent
publishing. This course provides critical and historical perspectives
from which to conceive of a collecting rationale for both individuals
and institutions. Instructor: Johanna Drucker.

JOHANNA DRUCKER became Robertson Professor of Media Studies at UVa in
1999; she has also taught at Columbia, Yale, and SUNY Purchase. She
has been making artists' books for many years. Among her books are
The Visible Word: Experimental Typography and Modern Art, 1909-23
(1994) and The Century of Artists' Books (1995).

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