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[BKARTS] Printers revisited

While I receive and read the postings to this site every day
I seldom come out of lurkdom ...
except when I need help ....

So a little background and a question .....

Since our daughter made her first deployment to the Persian Gulf in 1997
I have organized a series of PEACE projects ....
a manifestation of my prayers for PEACE in our hearts, our homes, our world
and the work of over 100 artists and calligraphers around the world.

I am currently work on ART in support of our Military
which you can read about @

This project wants a small, simply tied book
showing photos of the included pieces
and including limited other information.

I know there have been several discussions
about printers here before ....
but it seems that all the printers have changed again.

What I want is a color printer
with reasonably archival ink
that will reproduce scans faithfully on good quality paper
--not photo paper --

I need it to handle
lightweight card stock .....
I would love it to handle 11 by 17 paper
but will sacrifice that for
very good quality and price.

Help public or private
would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
Hugs and Prayers

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