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Re: [BKARTS] Printers revisited

  I run a photo classroom and scan photographs and print them quite
successfully using EPSON products. I have used an Epson 1200U scanner, a
1660 Photo scanner (both with negative scanning capabilities), a Color
Stylus 2000, 3000, and most recently a Ultra Chrome Stylus Pro 7600. I
have loved the results I get from the flat-beds, but am religious about
cleanliness and spend a small amount of time retouching images in Photos
  All three printers will feed BFK, card stock, and the 7600 will print on
mat board and heavier. The 2000 will print 11x17, the 3000 will print
13x19, and the 7600 will print 24x100 if you want. All three printers have
"archival" ink. Price becomes a real factor when you decide you want
archival images. It costs $490 for a set of ink for the 7600 and is very
expensive for the other printers as well.
  Stay away from glossy papers for anything you print if you want
longevity. The ink sits on top of the coated paper and is the most
susceptible to the elements. Matte papers and prepared artist papers will
give you the more of the results you are looking for no matter what
printer you use.

Justin S. Miller

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