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[BKARTS] April Calligraphy Workshop in North Carolina

There are still a few spaces left in this workshop in North Carolina.
Participants spend 1/2 the week with Sheila and 1/2 the week with Julian.

C H E E R I O Calligraplhy Retreat
April 27th thru May 2nd 2003

1. Traditional and modern methods will be explored, first by making
experimental samplers on vellum and hot pressed HM paper. We will use
powdered pigments (adding a binder such as egg yolk, egg white, gum Arabic),
then, for comparison, use artist watercolors. Gold leaf will be laid on
acrylic grounds. 2. These techniques will then be used to learn traditional
procedures of manuscript illumination by copying from color copies of
historical examples. 3. This experience will naturally lead on to designing
a decorated initial letter or personal monogram, to be completed if time
allows. Gold leaf can be incorporated if desired. 4. A difficult skill will
be worked on so that writing very small indeed, with sharp thick and thin
strokes, may be mastered, by experimenting with various inks, pigments and
small nibs on vellum and a variety of paper scraps.


Raymond DaBoll once coined the now famous phrase "Disciplined Freedom" as
the illusive mix we should strive for in our calligraphy. We will explore
spontaneous and free writing and find ways for our "free" work to sing with
energy and verve, but avoid going limp like half cooked pasta. We will also
work on precise lettering and explore how it can still have vitality, flow
and sparkle, without looking lifeless and overworked. By exploring these two
extremes we will strengthen our grasp of the "in between" realms which
combine the two extremes of freedom and discipline. In the practical world
this can apply to both original calligraphy and lettering for reproduction.
As a contrast to Sheila's "miniatures", we will often be working quite
large. We will work on single word shapes, clustered groupings and larger
blocks of text, on a relatively monumental scale. We will also use some
commercial lettering techniques, such as retouching, as ways to "find the
form" we are looking for. We will work through a series of exercises to help
strike this tricky balance of "disciplined freedom".

Cost is $490. Deposit of $50. Contact Jim
Teta, 5200 Bear Creek Rd, Winston-Salem, NC 27106. Home: 336-924-5681.
Studio: 336-724-5475. Email: tetascribe@xxxxxxx   Private ($630) and
semiprivate ($570) rooms are available. Airport pick-up or drop off
available (Piedmont Triad  International Airport) for $50.  Their web page
also has details www.calligraphycentre.com.

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