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[BKARTS] a good read

Ordinarily I like to finish a book before I draw conclusions or make
recommendations, but even though I am only about a third of the way through
this one, I am willing to pass on the recommendation:

 Bright Earth: The Invention of Color, by Philip Ball, Penguin Books, 2002
(original publication by Viking in 2001).

Ball is an English chemist, and the book is about the technology of color
going into the physics of light, the chemistry of pigments, and the
inventions and innovations in colors for dyes and pigments from the natural
earths of the cave paintings to modern synthetic artists' pigments. He
makes some mistakes on some of the medieval stuff (Tyrian purple, the red
from those little mollusks, probably disappeared a lot earlier than he
says) but maybe he's right and others are wrong.
  You may never have to repair a manuscript illumination, but you might
need to deal with hand tinted drawings, lithographs and a host of other
colored drawings and pictures and on books.  Or you may be a book artist
curious about color choices.   Or a German shepherd with nothing to do
until it is time to chase the mail man.  Anyway, if you have any
curiosity  about color at all, this is a good read.
  Dorothy Africa

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