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[PADG:1993] Questionnaire on digital documentation of conservation treatments

Questionnaire on digital documentation of conservation treatments

Digital Treatment Documentation: A Current Assessment

This online questionnaire is presented by Jamye Jamison, Frank
Trujillo, Dan Paterson, and Marlan Green. We look forward to
presenting the results of this questionnaire at an EMG session of the
AIC Annual Meeting in Arlington, Virginia in June 2003.

The questionnaire has three objectives:

   *   to assess current levels of use of digital treatment
       documentation by AIC members;

   *   to determine primary concerns of AIC members in regard to
       longevity of digitally produced treatment documentation; and

   *   to gather demographic information about the respondent to
       determine if any trends lie with a particular subgroup of
       AIC membership.

For the purposes of this questionnaire, digital treatment
documentation is the use of digital imaging, word processing, and/or
database hardware/software for the production and management of
conservation treatment documentation of artistic and historic works.

The questionnaire is entirely anonymous and voluntary. By providing
responses to the questions and clicking on the submit button
following the questionnaire you are agreeing to let the authors of
this study analyze your answers in the context of other survey
participants to draw conclusions that will be useful to the larger
conservation profession. You have the right to not answer any or all
of the questions. If you have any concerns about this study, please
Marlan Green <marlangreen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>.

Jamye Jamison, Marlan Green, Dan Paterson, and Frank Trujillo

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