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[BKARTS] A Conversation in the Margins

I used to stop by the Campbell Logan Bindery in Minneapolis on a
regular basis to use the paper cutter, and when I did I would look in
on Phil Gallo, whose printing press took up a small corner of the room
behind a row of paper racks. Often he would be working on a project for
Granary Books. I remember on one occasion Phil was printing a series of
unremarkable drawings. They no doubt had some higher conceptual
purpose, but as drawings they were pretty dull. Phil, remarkably, had
devised a way to separate the images into a series of shades of gray
which suggested the weight which the "artist" had applied to the pencil
as they drew. Plates were made from these separations, and a series of
shades of gray ink were printed on the Vandercook. Phil had succeeded
in elevating these unremarkable drawings into an extraordinary piece of

Phil's intuitive printing and typographical wizardry have fascinated me
for years. If you  attend "Publishing Granary's Books: A Conversation
in the Margins", and you look for the work of Phil Gallo, you may find
unheralded marginal conversation.

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