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[BKARTS] Call for Entries: 3rd Annual Artists Book Auction

       Each year I venture out of the lurk mode to share an opportunity for
you to participate in a unique fundraiser for the Foundation for the
Calligraphic Arts. It's that time of year again to do so.If you have any
questions, please feel free to contact me directly and I will gladly answer.

Always for the Love of the Book,
Anne Binder, President
Association for the Calligraphic Arts

CALL FOR ENTRIES: 3rd Annual Artists’ Book Auction

Announcing the Third Annual Artists’ Book Auction to benefit the
Foundation for the Calligraphic Arts (FCA) Scholarship, Educational and
Exhibition Programs, which will take place at CELEBRATION 2003 (The
Twenty-third International Calligraphic Arts Conference) on
Wednesday, July 23, 2003. You need not be a conference attendee to
submit books to the auction.

This year's auction will be extra special! Conference Co-Directors,
Sandy Schaadt and Carol Kimball have arranged for a professional
auctioneer to oversee the auction. The ACA & FCA are very grateful for
this fabulous opportunity.

A wide selection of handmade books: calligraphic in content, artists’
books, pop-ups, blank journals, structural books, prototypes,
one-of-a-kind painted and stamped books, limited edition, hand-marbled,
leather-bound, letter-pressed, and any others that may qualify as
“handmade.” We also encourage collaborative efforts among artists! Your
creativity should know no bounds! Prior to the actual auction, as many
of the books as space allows will be on display.

There will be a live auction and a silent auction. The Auction Committee
reserves the right to choose which books will be designated for each.

Participating artists will receive 50% of the winning bid. A donation
from the entire auction proceeds will be made to the conference
sponsors. The remaining proceeds will go to the FCA. Although artists
are not being asked to donate their items, they may opt to give their
proceeds to the FCA. Donations are tax deductible under United States
IRS tax code 501(c)(3).

Anyone may participate. We ask that you complete the Auction
Participation Form and return it to the address on the form by June 30,
2003. This information is necessary for the Auction Committee to prepare
for the auction. Those artists attending the conference may hand deliver
their books to an ACA representative at the conference. For those
artists not attending the conference, instructions will be provided on
what you should do with your submissions.

Artists are asked to specify a minimum bid: typically 30% of the book’s
retail value. No work will be auctioned for less than its minimum bid.
Works that do not receive bids will be returned to the artist at the
artist’s expense, if applicable. You need not be a member of the ACA to
participate. You may submit as many books as you wish, although the FCA
does reserve the right to limit quantities from any single participant
if necessary for space considerations.

Return one Auction Participation Form for each book submitted. Be sure
to include as much information under “Description” as you can. The
auctioneer will use this information to promote the book during the
auction.Please return the form to the address below either via email or
snail mail by June 30, 2003.If you are not attending the conference you
will be given instructions on where to send your submission (s). For
those who will be attending the conference, you may hand carry your
treasures to CELEBRATION 2003.

To promote and generate as much excitement as we can for this very
popular event, artists are encouraged to send scans or photos of their
books to the ACA at communications@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Please include
the following information with your scan/photos: Artist name, Title of
Book(s), brief description including media, Total Value of Book, and
Minimum Bid.  If sending a scan, please try to send it in either TIF or
EPS format at 150dpi or greater.  (If you need help or have questions
about scanning, etc. then contact communications@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The Foundation for the Calligraphic Arts (FCA) is a complementary
organization to the Association for the Calligraphic Arts (ACA). The FCA
is a non-profit, charitable organization under United States IRS
regulations, therefore donations to the FCA are tax deductible in the US.

Auction Participation Form – Please include a separate form for each

Name ________________________________________________


City __________________ State/Province ___________________

Country ______________________Postal Code ______________

Phone ________________________________________________

FAX: ________________________E-Mail __________________

Title of Artwork _______________________________________

Description: Please be as complete as you can. The auctioneer will use
this information during the bidding process to promote the sale of your
work. Please use a separate sheet of paper. Please type or print clearly.

Total value of artwork ____________

Minimum bid (typically 30%, but artist may determine the minimum)_________

[  ] I will be attending CELEBRATION 2003 and will bring my
submission (s) to the conference.

[  ] I will not be attending CELEBRATION 2003 and will await

Please email or mail to:
Artists' Book Auction
c/o Jean Wilson
430 44th Street
Des Moines, IA 50312

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