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Re: [BKARTS] Pardon my topicality

Of course, and unfortunately, there will always be a strata of any
society that is devoid of soul, conscience and moral compass, not to
mention an appreciation for one's culture, and it's implications.
Few people can think deep enough to be able to view there own
actions.  We can only hope for the eventual reappropriation of these
lost treasures. Many pieces of art and culture that have been looted
in the past have been found and returned.  One can assume that, for
the most part, these thugs are not staling to have these items for
their own collection. Eventually they will be moved, shipped or put
on the market.  With communication being what it is, and with the
help of interpol etc., we might see their return to the people of

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From: Paul T Werner <paul.werner@xxxxxxx>
Date:         Wed, 16 Apr 2003 11:50:46 -0400
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Subject:      [BKARTS] Pardon my topicality

> >Nope just quiet. There was one message yesterday, and then nothing until
> >yours today. Perhaps folks are just soaking up the sunshine...
> Or maybe soaking up the news that first, the National Museum in
>Baghdad was destroyed, then the main libraries, leading to the
>irreparable destruction of books and art objects, including the
>first known written text in history. Or perhaps we're just
>participating in the discussions about these events among various
>groups of conservators, curators and art dealers who are trying to
>repair some of the damage and to prevent future catastrophes.
> All that and soaking up the sunshine, too.
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