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[BKARTS] Bookbinding Courses at Shepherds Bindery, London, UK.

From: Fred Bearman <fb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Courses on bookbinding

Shepherds Bookbinding Courses and Master Classes 2003
Held at the Shepherds Bindery, Units 107-108, 30 Great Guildford St,
London SE1 0HS

Shepherds is pleased to announce that all its Bookbinding Courses
and Master Classes are now offered with a special Student discount
of 15%.

Evening Courses

Bookbinding for beginners

    Six-week evening courses 6.30-9-00pm, Course fee UKP235 (Six
    weeks) Student discount of 15%.

    Thursday 1st May to Thursday 5th June
    Thursday 26th June to Thursday 31st July
    Thursday 4th September to Thursday 9th October
    Thursday 23rd October to Thursday 27th November

Tutor: Eri Funazaki

    Eri Funazaki who joined Shepherds in 1999 as a designer and
    forwarder.  Eri recently won the top prize at the Designer
    Bookbinders 2002 competition held at the British Library and her
    work has been exhibited all over the world. During this popular
    six-week course students will be introduced to the materials,
    tools and basic principles of bookbinding.  From the first
    session, emphasis is on practical tuition with the opportunity
    to complete three projects--a notebook, a multi-section binding
    and a photograph album.

Advanced Techniques in Bookbinding
(For students who have completed a beginner class in bookbinding or
who have similar experience.)

    Tuesday Evenings 6.30-9-00pm, Course fee UKP235 (Six weeks)
    Student discount of 15%.

    Tuesday 4th March to Tuesday 8th April
    Tuesday 29th April to Tuesday 3rd June
    Tuesday 24th June to Tuesday 29th July
    Tuesday 2nd September to Tuesday 7th October
    Tuesday 21st October to Tuesday 25th November

Tutor: Mark Cockram

    Mark Cockram began his professional bookbinding career in 1989
    and he is now a Fellow of the Designer Bookbinders.  He has
    taught extensively both in the UK and overseas and follows a
    successful career as a freelance designer bookbinder. During
    this course students will learn the more advanced techniques of
    hand binding, and work with a wide range of materials and
    binding styles.  Students will be grouped according to

Saturday Master Classes

Box Making
Saturdays 11am-4:30pm, Course fee UKP125. Student discount of 15%.

    Saturday 26th April
    Saturday 24th May
    Saturday 21st June
    Saturday 19th July
    Saturday 20th September
    Saturday 18th October
    Saturday 15th November

Tutor: Mark Peachy

    Mark Peachy completed his apprenticeship in 1986 and learnt his
    box-making skills working for many years in a large commercial
    bindery.  Mark is our specialist box-maker at Shepherds and his
    proven skills as a craftsman and teacher have made this one of
    our most popular courses. This course is aimed at people who
    have some experience in bookbinding and the materials involved.
    Mark shows how to make simple boxes, portfolios, slip-cases and
    solander boxes.  Students are grouped according to experience.

Gold Finishing
Saturdays 11am-4:30pm, Course fee UKP125. Student discount of 15%.

    Saturday 28th June
    Saturday 26th July
    Saturday 11th October

Tutor: Glenn Bartley

    A Fellow of Designer Bookbinders, Glenn has been binding books
    professionally for nearly twenty years. He established a bindery
    in Culham, Oxfordshire in 1991, and works on a variety of
    material for clients such as Oxford University and collectors
    from around the world.  Glenn demonstrates and lectures widely
    on the traditional techniques of binding, particularly gold
    tooling and vellum covering. This course is aimed principally at
    beginners or people who have tried gold tooling but without much
    success. Glenn specifies the use of BS glaire, enabling students
    to work at their own pace and achieve satisfactory results. The
    course covers all the basic procedures including lettering and
    the use of decorative fillets and pallets.

The Repair of Leather Bindings
A two-day course run on consecutive Saturdays
Saturdays 11am-4:30pm, Course fee UKP250. Student discount of 15%.

Saturday 1st November and Saturday 8th November

Tutor: Dan Wray

    Dan Wray studied bookbinding and conservation at Camberwell
    College of Arts before going to the College of Arms where he
    specialised in the repair of leather bindings.  Since joining
    Shepherds in 1998 Dan's skills as a conservator-restorer have
    become widely recognised.  He specializes in leather repair and
    this course is a rare opportunity to learn this exacting work.

    This is a two-day course run on consecutive Saturdays and covers
    the procedure of rebacking a calf book.  Dan will demonstrate
    how to successfully lift and prepare old spines, re-attach
    boards and show the dyeing techniques used to match the original
    colour of the leather.

Repair of Cloth Bindings
Saturdays 11am-4:30pm, Course fee UKP125. Student discount of 15%.

    Saturday May 10, 2003
    Saturday June 14, 2003
    Saturday October, 25, 2003

Tutor: Sophia Kramer

    Having gained a wealth of practical experience working in
    binderies in the USA, Sophia Kramer came to Britain in 2000 to
    undertake a Masters degree in Conservation at Camberwell College
    of Arts.  After gaining her MA Sophia joined Shepherds as a
    conservator-restorer and specialises in cloth and paper repairs.

    This course is aimed at students with some experience of
    bookbinding who want to further develop their skills in
    conservation and restoration. Students will learn how to restore
    a cloth bound book and conserving the original binding

Making Medieval Limp Parchment Stationery Bindings
A two-day course run on consecutive Saturdays
Saturdays 11am-4:30pm, Course fee UKP250 (Two days) Student discount
of 15%.

    Saturday 31st May and Saturday 7th June
    Saturday 22nd November and Saturday 29th November

Tutor: Frederick Bearman ACR MIPC

    Prior to his appointment as Head of Conservation at Shepherds,
    Fred Bearman has held major posts in conservation studios on
    both sides of the Atlantic. He was Head of Conservation at
    Columbia University Libraries, New York, from 1992 to 1997, and
    more recently he was Director of Conservation at the London
    Institute. Fred has given regular workshops and seminars on
    historical bookbinding techniques, and is particularly
    knowledgeable on medieval book structures.

    This two-day, hands-on master class will include an introduction
    to the history of medieval stationery bindings, an examination
    of the materials used by the medieval bookbinder, and an
    opportunity to make limp parchment medieval stationery bindings.

For further details and an enrolment form please contact:

    Linda Watts,
    Units 107-108,
    30 Great Guildford St
    London SE1 0HS
    +44 20 7620 0060
    Fax: +44 20 7928 1813

Places on all these courses are allocated on receipt of completed
enrolment form and remittance. Payment will be processed the week
before the course begins.  We will confirm in writing your place on
the course and details of the venue shortly before the course
begins.  Please note, for a full refund, cancellations must be made
at least 2 working days before the course commences.  Shepherds have
the right to cancel a course and will endeavor to give 5 working
days notice before the start date.

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