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Re: [BKARTS] The Audrey Hill Question

Printing it, though, raises all sorts of other implications, whether you
sell it or not. There are the legal issues, of course (that's what
copyright protection is for), but there is also the matter of plain old
courtesy and respect. Personally, I think it's best to have the blessing of
the author, even if you're not intending the project for financial gain.
You're putting something out in the world that is not wholly your creation,
and it's just good karma to be sure the author appoves of the use of his or
her words.

Poets and Writers, the writer's magazine, puts out an annual member's
directory, which is easy enough to find in good libraries. That's a good
place to begin your search.

John Cutrone
Red Wagon Bookworks
Lake Worth, Florida

I see no reason why you can't illustrate it as long as you don't try to sell

> I have a question that may not be answerable here.  If I like a story
that an
> author has written and I illustrate it and letter press it, can I show
it if
> I list him as the author?  If I don't try to sell the book.. of course
> selling the work is another story.  I don't know if  I can find the author,
> although I am looking for him currently.
> Audrey

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